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Aesthetic Medicine

Non Invasive:


Ideal facial and body medical treatment for alleviating superficial and deep wrinkles, toning ptosic areas (inner arms/thighs, abdomen, buttocks, etc..) and tissue stimulation that activates neocollagenesis.


Face: 110,00 €
Body: 130,00 €


Non-invasive, pain-free medical treatment that increases tissue permeability, allowing for the delivery of any type of active ingredient to the deep dermis layers. Suitable for deep moisturizing, localized adiposity treatment, cellulite and toning.


Face: 130,00 €
Body: 150,00 €

Medical cavitation:

Ultrasonic treatment that destroys fat cells. Already reduces localized fat accumulations in the first session

Price: 130,00 €


High-intensity focused ultrasonic treatment. Non-invasive, pain-free treatment for the face and body where localized ultrasonic waves stimulate the renewal of collagen, improving skin texture and reducing slackening in the treated area. Tightens, rejuvenates and raises skin


Face: 250,00 €
Abdomen: 350,00 €
Triceps: 400,00 €
Internal and external legs:400,00€



Injection with hyaluronic acid; this treatment is ideal for:
  • Filling superficial and deep face wrinkles
  • Lip remodeling
  • Volumetric cheekbone augmentation
  • Redefining the contours of the face
Price: 360,00 €


Non-surgical nose reshaping. Immediately visible results.

Price: 400,00 €

Botulinum toxin Treatment for hyperhidrosis:

Eliminates excessive sweating in the hands, feet and armpits through the use of type A botulinum toxin

Price: 400,00 €


Botulinum toxin makes it easy to significantly attenuate expression wrinkles, resulting in muscle relaxation, lightly stretching the skin.

Price: 400,00 €


Face bioremodelling that deeply hydrates the skin with a guaranteed tensor effect; designed to redefine and tighten the oval of the face.

Price: 230,00 €

Chemical peeling:

Treatment to renew skin texture, giving the skin freshness and vitality.

Price: 90,00 €

Stretch mark treatment:

Non-invasive technique that makes stretch marks less visible.

Price: 150,00 €


Lymphatic drainage massage:

Physiotherapists give a manual massage that aids the flow of lymph in the body, relieving edemas by reducing swelling, improving circulation by reducing the orange peel effect, accelerating the transport of waste products from the tissues into the blood, and is therefore excellent for detoxifying the body.

Price: 80,00 €

Stress relieving massage:

Manual massage carried out by physiotherapists; helpful for muscular tension. Covers the whole body.


Back: 60,00 €
Legs: 60,00 €
Full body: 80,00 €

Cervical and shoulder massotherapy:

Attenuates inflammatory symptoms. Reduces stiffness and pain due to stress or emotional tension.

Price: 80,00 €

Pressure therapy:

An alternative to manual lymph drainage. This therapy stimulates drainage and blood flow and exerts compression on the lower and upper limbs, similar to the movements of a massage.

Price: 80,00 €
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